Tapestry Presentation to Admiral Sir James Perowne at Windsor Castle

The morning of Tuesday 10th May was very special for 19 schoolchildren from our local area. Having worked incredibly hard at the Dhaaga Sewing Club to create a tapestry for Her Majesty for the  Platinum Jubilee, they came with their inspirational leader, Anita Kulkani, to present it to Admiral Sir James Perowne, Governor of Windsor Castle, who accepted it on behalf of Her Majesty.

The children came to represent the schools involved in the project. The tapestry was made by the children of Dhaaga sewing club, involving 225 children across 17 schools in the Windsor area.  The magnificent 5.5M by 2.5M tapestry will now be forwarded on to Her Majesty, along with a wonderful album showing the making of the piece plus messages from all the children involved.

Starting in March 2022, the children worked on individual hand sewn squares which were then joined into one tapestry. Children were asked to pick ideas related to The Queen and her reign to create their preferred design. They used different colours, laces, sequins, ribbons and some embroidered their design. Anita Kulkani, owner of Dhaaga Sewing Club, an afterschool club for schools in the Royal Borough and neighbouring areas, put the finishing touches to this unique piece, which she estimates took about 800 hours to complete.

Anita says  :

“I’m passionate about sewing and have always loved to create hand-made projects with the children in my after-school clubs so I wondered if we could create something unique for the Platinum Jubilee year.

Here in the Royal Borough, we always feel so close to these big royal events, but I thought that by doing this project it would give the children a chance to have their own personal memory.

It was amazing to see how excited the children were to be creating something that The Queen would see and there was such enthusiasm for this project.  

The logistics have been a fun challenge – at one point the 224 pieces were laid out all over my living room so we could work out the best overall layout. They covered the sofa, the table and even the carpet!  

I’ve never done anything as big as this before but I’m proud that the children have sewn their designs with love and that they will have a lasting memory of being a part of this historic celebration.  


Thank you to my family, the schools, my team, and everyone else that has volunteered their time to make this possible.”

For further information, please contact Helen Sandom on [email protected] or Anita Kulkani on [email protected]

Image courtesy of Gill Heppell