Our Team and Our Purpose

An enthusiastic group of Windsor residents came together in the early part of 2021 to form The Windsor Platinum Jubilee Committee. Its purpose is to make this incredible Platinum Jubilee a fantastic year for our community. The small voluntary team will help to establish and co-ordinate a range of sporting, musical and community events across the year, endeavouring to ensure that there’s something appealing for everyone.

The Committee is working alongside the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, The Crown Estate and many local businesses and charities to bring together a programme of events which reflects the diversity and range of interests of our community, so that everyone should be able to be a part of the special year. 

What’s Important to us

Thank You, Your Majesty

The reason why we wanted to mark the Platinum Jubilee with special celebrations in Windsor is because we are all so fond of our Queen and so grateful for all she does for all of us. This is a chance for us all to show our appreciation and thank her for her 70 years of unwavering service to the country overall and to our special Royal town. Bringing the whole community together to enjoy the celebrations is a wonderful way to acknowledge what the Platinum Jubilee stands for.

In Windsor, For Windsor, By Windsor

The Jubilee Celebrations should be a time when the everyone celebrates together, recognising the wonderful community in which we live, – and the major contribution Windsor Castle and The Queen plays within that. This is not about politics or commerce, but a chance to all enjoy good times together, without all the issues of everyday life which too often focus on what keeps people apart. Everybody is welcome to enjoy the Jubilee! For this reason, attendance at the outdoor events during the Jubilee Weekend is free of charge. Food and drinks can be purchased or you are totally free to bring your own refreshments if you prefer.


We recognise the importance of respecting our planet and actively wish to do everything we can within our Jubilee celebrations to promote good green practices and follow environmental guidelines. We will scrutinise all plans and take every possible action to be as sustainable as we can be with our events and activities. A major focus for us is to leave behind a stronger legacy of sustainability for the town.

Caring for the environment during the Windsor Platinum Jubilee celebrations – we have set out our environmental policy and hope that everyone, as a community, will join us in achieving its aims – click to view

Lasting Benefits

As well as celebrating in style and having a wonderful time as a community, we wish to mark the Platinum Jubilee in Windsor by establishing better practices and leaving 2022 with lasting legacies which benefit the community. Our main legacy project is to create a beautiful fountain in the town, which marks the occasion appropriately but also provides a constant source of fresh drinking water for our citizens and our visitors. In this way we hope to reduce the use of single use plastics and with the help of our retailers, promote the use of reusable bottles, ideally with the Jubilee emblem!

All residual funds from the Windsor Platinum Jubilee celebrations will be passed onto the Prince Philip Trust Fund to contribute to their good works across the community.