Windsor Platinum Jubilee Schools’ Song

Following on from our news posting on 24th March which shared the creation of our Windsor Schools’ Jubilee song, we are now excited to let you know about the finished piece, along with details on how and where you can enjoy it.

The special Jubilee song is aptly called ‘The Long Walk’, referencing the long 70 years of The Queen’s reign. It was created at a workshop at Windsor Castle, where Emily Barden (@bardenmusic) worked with a team of local school children on lyrics and music that reflected their views of The Queen and her reign. Read more about how the song was created.

The song was refined and completed by Emily, who happily admits that the majority of the work – on the music and the lyrics- was established at the original workshop. It brings a new word into our vocabulary- ‘let’s Jubilate’ – a clever portmanteau, (a word that is formed by combining two different terms to create a new entity,) combining ‘Jubilee’ and ‘celebrate’ – what could be a more perfect message and expression of the children’s’ sentiment!

Click here you can listen to a full recording of The Long Walk Full Recording.   or sing along with the YouTube version below. The chorus, which we hope everyone will get to know and be able to join in with, goes: “Now is the time to Jubilate! Courage, Honour, Pride as we journey down the Long Walk together, side by side”

For more details about the song, the availability of the words, score or backing track, please visit James Manwaring’s blog on as we are keen to share this lovely song and hope many will enjoy learning and singing it.

The song will be performed at the Jubilee events on the stage on the Long Walk on both days – Saturday 4 June and Sunday 5 June, plus there are opportunities for all Windsor schoolchildren to join in and sing it at The Big Sing & Picnic @ The Windsor Boys’ School, Stovell Field – Tuesday 24th May, 3:15 – 4:15pm and Big Sing @ Dedworth Middle School – Thursday 26th May, 10:30am

The song is being sung and recorded live on Friday 27th May at 2pm on the Long Walk by the Platinum Jubilee Schools Choir, which comprises about 300 students, coming from most schools across the Windsor area.

For further information, please contact James Manwaring or Helen Sandom via [email protected]