Caring for the environment during the Windsor Platinum Jubilee celebrations

We are passionate about improving the world we live in and want to make the Windsor Platinum Jubilee Events as sustainable as we can, and aim to be frugal with resources and minimise our impact on our environment. But we simply can’t do it without you. With over 10,000 people expected to join in the fun, there are small steps that bring us closer to a greener, cleaner world. We have set out below our environmental policy and hope that everyone, as a community, will join us in achieving its aims.


At Windsor Platinum Jubilee Events we are passionate about improving the world we live in. We want to make the event as sustainable as we can and aim to be frugal with resources, minimise our impact on our environment and commit towards improving the wellbeing and welfare of all who volunteer at and come to enjoy the events.



‘Love the Park, leave no trace’, is central to our philosophy. We are passionate about reducing rubbish sent to landfill and ask visitors to bring only what they need and leave nothing behind. With over 10,000 people on the Long Walk over the weekend, it’s very important to minimise the enormous impact this has on the environment.

By focusing on the efficient use and reuse of resources, we want to avoid the creation of waste.



For the Windsor Platinum Jubilee Events to be sustainable, we all have a duty to make sure the land on which it stands is looked after. With over 10,000 people visiting the Long Walk, reducing the impact we have on the environment is a huge task. And it is one which we are devoted to.

  • But we simply can’t do it without you. With your help we can do even more to bring down our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • There are many ways in which you can help us to protect our environment, such as:
  • Please use our recycling bins. It is not okay to drop litter on the ground. Help us by placing your waste into the correct recycling bins.
  • Please only use what you need. If every visitor used four napkins instead of one, there would be an extra 40,000 napkins wasted unnecessarily.
  • Please use public transport, cycle or car-share to Windsor. Car exhaust is still the greatest contributor to global climate change. Help to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Please bring a reusable water bottle. These can be filled for free at the Windsor & Eton Brewery Bar.
  • Please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly. If they are thrown on the land, they leach chemicals into the soil and local water supplies.